Public Swimming Pool Maintenance
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Public swimming pool maintenance is the job of a professional pool service technician. It requires comprehensive understanding of public health and safety issues, knowledge of local, state and federal regulations and laws, mechanical ability, and proficiency in chemistry and math. ….click the link above to read more.



Swimming Pool Sanitation

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Swimming pool sanitation refers to both visual clarity and levels of microflora, such as bacteria and viruses in swimming pools. The goal of sanitation is to prevent the spread of diseases and pathogens between users. Unsanitized water may also support the growth of algae which will present as a greenish tinge initially, then if left unchecked may completely inhabit the pool water displaying a solid green murky appearance. A rule of thumb is that….click the link above to read more.



Private Swimming Pool Maintenance
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Find out how to maintain your swimming pool system, which should be running about one hour for every ten degrees outside; learn more with expert tips on pools in this free pool maintenance video clip….click the link above to read more.



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